Jerusalem: Classics vol 3 (1998)

Kappaleita live-albumilta 'In His Majesty's Service' ja albumilta 'Dancing on the Head of the Serpent'.
Julkaisupäivö 30.8.1998
Levymerkki Fruit
Tuotekoodi FRCD 55011
 1. In His Majesty's Service
2. From the Bottom of Our Heart
3. Read Between the Lines
4. The Tide
5. Can't Stop Us Now
6. Time
7. Man of the World
8. Dancing on the Head of the serpent
9. Plunder hell and Populate Heaven
10. Rebels of Jesus Christ
11. Listen to Me
12. Woe, woe.....the Great Fall
13. We're Gonna Take Europe
14. Come Higher
15. Catch the devil, Catch the Thief
16. The Night When revelation Came into My Life
17. Still