Narcissus: Becoming Leviathan (2001)

 "Weaving together emotional pop in the vein of Weezer with the hardcore aggression of Stretch Arm Strong, Becoming Leviathan features a sound that Narcissus seems to have mastered. Strong, uplifting guitar riffs swallow the listener whole, and passionate vocals run the gamut of emotions. Narcissus overwhelms the listener with lengthy songs that allow full musical expression..".."The instrumentals are awe-inspiring masterpieces, dazzling the listener with impressive musical proficiency". "Becoming Leviathan is a spectacular album; Narcissus has managed to arrange an album that has zero mistakes and is overflowing with exquisite beauty". — Jason D. Taylor (****All Music Guide)
2.Sending the Current 
4.Ambient Diablo 
5.November '94