Morse, Neil: One

At long last. The holy grail of prog! Take great artists like NEAL MORSE, MIKE PORTNOY and PHIL KEAGGY and put them together and…LOOK OUT!
Julkaisupäivä: 2004
Levymerkki Inside Out
Tuotekoodi: spvcd40602
  1. The Creation
    1. One Mind
    2. In A Perfect Light
    3. Where Are You?
    4. Reaching From The Heart
  2. The Man's Gone
  3. Author Of Confusion
  4. The Separated Man
    1. I'm In A Cage
    2. I Am The Man
    3. The Man's Gone (Reprise)
    4. Something Within Me Remembers
  5. Cradle To The Grave
  6. Help Me / The Spirit And The Flesh
  7. Father Of Forgiveness
  8. Reunion
    1. No Separation
    2. Grand Finale
    3. Make Us One