Gregorian Chant - Repons & Monodies gallicanes

Deller Consort
Alfred Deller, dir. 


Levymerkki Harmonia Mundi
Tuotekoodi HMA195234
 L'entrée du Christ à Jérusalem Anonymous
1 Gloria laus
2 Cum audisset
3 Collegerunt pontifices
4 Popule meus

Thèmes de la Semaine Sainte Anonymous
5 Omnes amici mei
6 Tristis est anima mea
7 O vos omnes
8 Ecce quomodo
9 Tenebrae factae sunt
10 Incipit lamentatio
At the source of Gregorian Chant.
The Gallican (= peculiar to the Church of the Gauls) contribution played a leading role in the constitution of the Gregorian repertory. This is distinguished by its surprising rhetorical richness, and an extremely ambitious, both expansive and supple melodic line. This highly spiritual chant lies at the very foundations of our musical culture.