P.O.D.: Greatest Hits The Atlantic Years (2006)

 1. Southtown
2. Boom
3. Roots In Stereo
4. Going In Blind (NEW SONG!)
5. Alive
6. Youth Of The Nation
7. Sleeping Awake
8. Rock The Party
9. Lights Out
10. Goodbye For Now
11. Execute The Sounds
12. Will You
13. Truly Amazing
14. Satellite
15. Set Your Eyes To Zion
16. Here We Go
17. If It Wasnt For You
P.O.D.’s Greatest Hits is the fi rst-ever compilation spanning their highly acclaimed break-out years on Atlantic Records (1999- 2006). This17-track album features one brand-new track and one previously unreleased track, plus other signature tracks “Southtown,” “Rock The Party (Off The Hook),” “Alive,” “Boom,” “Will You,” and “Youth Of The Nation”! (Word)