August Burns Red - Messengers

Tämä bändin toinen levy kävi julkaisunsa jälkeen USAn TOP 200 - albumilistan sijalla 51 ja kristillisen albumilistan sijalla 1.


Julkaisupäivö 19.6.2007
Levymerkki Solid State
Tuotekoodi TND89352
Returning after their critically acclaimed debut Thrill Seeker, August Burns Red comes out with a dominating sophomore release The Messengers. When asked to compare the two records, guitarist JB Brubakker states “the new record is along the lines of what we did on Thrill Seeker, but it’s faster, shreddier, and more riffs. We learned a lot since our last record and I think the songwriting and musicianship is a lot stronger.” These Lancaster, PA youngsters have accomplished on their first two records what it takes most bands to do in a lifetime, combining the technical aspects of European Metal, the breakdowns of American Hardcore, and vocal stylings that leave no rock unturned in the Metal genre. Produced by Tue Madsen (Extol, The Haunted, Becoming The Archetype), this record promises to be the most brutal, yet polished venture yet for the band.