DC TALK: Jesus Freak: 10TH Anniversary Special Edition

Spesiaaliversio KLASSISESTA levystä, joka vuonna 1995 muutti koko sen aikaisen kristillisen musiikin kentän. Mukana bonuslevy.

cTalk's classic album, Jesus Freak, is now available in its re-mastered and expanded edition! Not only do you get the original album, but also an exclusive bonus disc, featuring previously unreleased out-takes from the original recording sessions, brand new remixes of some of the top singles from the album, and some special live dcTalk tracks.
HearItFirst.com is still hosting their special listening party for the album. Featuring a special mix ofsongs, the listening party samples some of the cuts from the bonus disc, as well as classic hits from the album itself. And while you're there, watch videos and view some photos of the band, all from the Jesus Freak era. (Forefront Records)