Byrd, William: Laudibus in sanctis

William Byrd
1 Quis est homo?
2 Tribulatio proxima et
3 Apparebit in finem

Propers for Lady Mass in Eastertide
4 Salve sancta parens INTROIT
5 Alleluia. Ave Maria … Virga Iesse ALLELUIAS
6 Beata es, virgo Maria OFFERTORY
7 Beata viscera COMMUNION

8 Regina caeli
9 Salve regina
10 Fac cum servo tuo
11 Ecce quam bonum
12 In manus tuas, Domine
13 Unam petii a Domino
14 Visita quaesumus, Domine
15 Domine, exaudi orationem meam, inclina
16 Laudibus in sanctis
The Cardinall’s Musick/Andrew Carwood
It is Byrd’s genius which first attracts musicians and listeners to his music: his fine command of invention and dramatic flow, his subtle melodies and harmonic turns mixed with a sophisticated understanding of the texts that he chose to set. Quite simply he was the finest composer of his age. For ten years now Andrew Carwood and The Cardinall’s Musick have been engaged on a project to make the definitive recordings of William Byrd’s Latin Church music. We are delighted to be able to issue this tenth disc—there will be three more to complete the series—on the Hyperion label (volumes 1 to 9 appeared on the ASV/Sanctuary imprint). The survey has now reached the highpoint of Byrd’s creative achievement that is the 1591 Cantiones Sacrae publication from which we have seven works, culminating in the athletic extravagances of Laudibus in sanctis. From the 1605 Gradualia—the thread of Byrd’s subversive liturgical legacy which has run through the whole of this series—we have a further nine motets, including the Propers for use at Lady Mass in Eastertide. The Cardinall’s Musick’s first Hyperion recording has just been announced as the Choral Category Winner of the 2006 Gramophone Awards.