Christafari & Friends: Dancehall Baptism Chapter One (2000)

This Tribulation (Jump Up Jungle Remix) (Christafari)  

Rocky Road (Junior C)  

Jesus We A Praise (Jr. Miller)  

Praise the Lord (Prodigal Son)  

Draw Me Nearer (Ziggy Soul & K Gees)  

My Stereo (Christafari)  

Radio Is Playing It (Chevelle Franklyn)  

Call Pon Him (Stitchie)  

God Is Calling (Prodigal Son)  

Flex (Carnival Version) (Todah & Melchizedek Order)  

Born for the Struggle (Junior C)  

Good News (D.J. Stereoman)  

Solid Rock (Stitchie)  

Number One (Chevelle Franklyn)  

Big Him Up (K Gees)  

Life Is Too Short (Heaven Bound & Dr. Ring Ding)  

God Is Real (Todah & Melchizedek Order)