Smallwood Richard: The Praise & Worship Songs of Richard Smallwood (2004)

Kokoelma gospellegendan parhaita lauluja.

1. Procession of the Levities (Orchestral)
2. Anthem of Praise [live]
3. Angels [live]
4. I Love the Lord
5. Center of My Joy [live]
6. Bless the Lord [live]
7. Holy Thou Art God [live]
8. Holy Thou Art God (Reprise) [live]
9. My Everything (Praise Waiteth) [live]
10. My Everything (Praise Waiteth) (Reprise) [live]
11. God Is Waiting
12. Glorify the Lord
13. The Highest Praise [live]
14. Psalm 8
15. Thank You [live]
16. Total Praise [live]