Green, Keith: The Ultimate Collection (CD + DVD)

Legendaarisen lauluntekijän 20 suurinta kappaletta yhdellä CDllä + DVD, jolla tunnin mittainen dokumentti Keithin elämästä!
You Put Your Love In My Heart (3:28)  

I Can't Believe It (3:38)  

Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (4:18)  

I Want To Be More Like Jesus (4:21)  

Your Love Broke Through (3:28)  

Make My Life a Prayer To You (3:23)  

Asleep In The Light (4:27)  

My Eyes Are Dry (2:06)  

Soften Your Heart (2:51)  

He'll Take Care Of The Rest (4:00)  

You Are The One! (2:39)  

So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt (4:36)  

Run To The End Of The Highway (3:14)  

Grace By Which I Stand (4:51)  

There Is A Redeemer (3:11)  

You! (3:35)  

Here Am I, Send Me (3:45)  

Rushing Wind (3:44)  

Jesus Commands Us To Go! (3:49)  

Pledge My Head To Heaven (3:55)