Peacock Charlie: Full Circle (2004)

Amerikkalaisen gospelmusiikin legendan 20-vuotisen uran kunniaksi tehty tribuuttilevy.
1. In the Light – Sara Groves, Bela Fleck, Phil Keaggy
2. God in the World
3. Down in the Lowlands – Michael Tait, Avalon, Darwin Hobbs
4. One Man Gets Around – tobyMac, Sam Ashworth
5. Lie Down in the Grass – Steve Taylor, Margaret Becker
6. Every Heartbeat – Sixpence None the Richer
7. Big Man's Hat – Kevin Max
8. The Way of Love – Sarah Masen, Out of the Grey
9. Almost Threw It All Away – Brent Bourgeois
10. Insult Like the Truth – Jon and Tim Foreman
11. Through It All
12. Monkeys at the Zoo – Jimmy Abegg, Mike Roe, Aaron Smith
13. No Place Closer to Heaven – Bart Millard
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