Leeland: Invisible


Leeland: The Great Awakening

Since its stunning 2006 breakthrough debut album Sound of Melodies, progressive worship band LEELAND has become one of the most important voices for a new generation of worshipers. Known for its passion-filled live worship experience, the band is readying its fourth  release The Great Awakening

Leeland: Love Is On The Move

Leeland’s passionate, progressive music is well known for creating a stir among a new generation of worshipers. Love Is On The Move continues the band’s mission of calling believers toward an active role in being God’s hands and feet on earth so that His kingdom can continue to press into the world. With a collection of epic vertical songs, Leeland’s powerful anthems and penetrating melodies are poised to spark a new revival in the church.

Christianity Today: 4/5


Leeland: Opposite Way

Leelandin toinen levy meni Billboard Top Christian -listalle sijalle 4.

Leeland: Sound Of Melodies

Loistoarvioita saanut debyytti USAsta. Upeita melodioita ja kypsän syvällisiä sanoituksia sisältävää pop/rock -musiikkia.

Nousi Billboard Top Heatseeksers - listalle sijalle 2. Top Christian Albums -listalla paras sijoitus 14.