TAIZE: Christe Lux Mundi (2006)

Songs Of Taize vol .3 (2cd box set, 2004)

Worship from the Taize community continues to affect individuals and Churches across Europe and throughout the world. This third double CD collection features brand new recordings, reflecting the nature of the community - on this recording, English, French, Spanish and Latin are used. While predominantly choral, recorders, flute, oboe, bassoon and violin all have a role to play in creating the unique sound that is Taize (Kingsway Music)

Songs Of Taize (2cd box set, 1994)

Songs Of Taize vol.2 (2cd box set, 2003)

25 hienoa Taize-laulua.

Taize: Joy On Earth

Taize: Laudate Omnes Gentes

Taize: Resurrexit

Taize: Veni Sancte Spiritus

Taizé: Cantate

Taizé: Jubilate

Taizé: Sing To God

Taize: Alleluia

Taize - Instrumental 3

The long long-awaited third CD of instrumental accompaniments for the songs of Taizé. Like the two previous instrumental CDs, it is designed above all to provide instrumental support for singing when a guitarist or keyboard player is not available, but it will also be popular as re- reflective music in its own right. This third CD completes the repertoire of the simpler songs flective from Taizé.
Instrumentation: classical guitar and flutes.

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