Living Sacrifice

Amerikkalaisbändi, jonka soundi on jossain pohjoismaalaisen deathmetallin ja amerikkalaisen hardorin välillä - metalcorea.

Living Sacrifice: The Infinite Order

Mixed by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Machine Head) .... the return of Living Sacrifice with might and majesty. Powerful, forthright, thrashy and skillfully executed as ever, the album serves as an unapologetic reminder as to exactly why so many of today's heavy music leaders hold Living Sacrifice and their legacy in such high-esteem.


Living Sacrifice: Reborn - remastered -

Yksi kristillisen metallin merkkiteoksia! 


Living Sacrifice: The Hammering Process


"yet another success for the multi-faceted Living Sacrifice" (All Music Guide 4/5)


Living Sacrifice: Conceived In Fire

"Of all the metalcore bands that have come and gone over the span of the genre's history, Living Sacrifice has remained a band who never showed a sign of weakness. This is a band who, time and time again, release superior metal albums, always providing above-average albums over their decade as a band. Many proclaimed 2000's The Hammering Process as the group's ultimate release, and, in fact, one of the genre's best offerings that year. Those who doubted Living Sacrifice had the ability to deliver an album of that magnitude ever again, ...ed only listen to Conceived in Fire. Once again,...have outdone themselves, serving up some of the meatiest metalcore of 2002 with confidence and style.." (All Music Guide 4/5)